The noble art of planning

For some of us the noble arts of setting goals, planning and organizing don’t come naturally. I am the kind of person who always seek structure but have a hard time creating that structure. I often get totally lost in the details – what kind of planner do I need, should I go for black or yellow, paper or digital or both, bullet journal or a printed? And when procrastinating gets really bad, I can spend an hour trying to decide if I should start journaling on the left or right page. You get it. So therefore I am extra proud to have overcome the most of my resistance (which leads to procastinating the things I really want to do) and nowadays I am quite good at getting things done simply because I get it on paper. During 2017 I did a loooot of things to get myself from thinking to doing. I actually have a hard time believing that I have done all those things: I read books, took courses and classes, bought utensils, joined communities, tried and practised, investigated and dug deep into myself to find out how to DO IT – not just think it.

It all started with a course by amazing Anna Lovind called The Creative Doer. It is what it says – a course to take you from thinking and wanting to doing what you want and love to do. It was such a game changer for me in many ways, and one of the most important things I learned was to Get it on paper. Get it out of my head and on to paper. I learned how to verbalize my dream as well as plan my days, weeks and months and all of a sudden I started doing things, taking steps towards something I had barely phrased in my mind. In that course community I found my tribe – a tribe that has grown through other courses and other communities and is still growing every day.

My next step towards my dream was the Make it in design courses, created by designer Rachel Taylor and her co-business owner Beth Kempton, focusing on pattern design and how to develop pattern design into a business. The two modules were so packed with useful information, creative exercises and even live briefs from several companies, that I am still catching up with all the material.

During the summer holidays I started reading Freedom Seeker by the same Beth Kempton as mentioned above. The book is a guide to finding out what makes you feel free and in finding that, being able to escape from the cage you’re in and taking steps towards the life you want to live. A bit simplified described but the essence of it, I think. (Hope Beth will excuse my dry language if she reads this!). This book is actually filled with entries that helps a lot in the quest of finding your path. I’ve had so many aha-experiences that I lost count of them…

Not to mention all the amazing courses by Bonnie Christine on Skillshare and another branch of the tribe, her own Roost Tribe. Plus many many other things I have investigated and learned this year.

A part of the timeline I am working according to.










So to reestablish the connection to what I began this post with – I am planning for 2018 with the help of Lisa Jacobs’ Your best year 2018, Business edition and my new – yellow! – Moleskine notebook calendar. I have slowly but surely learned how to set goals and plan for making them happen, instead of dreaming and putting up obstacles in my mind and get nothing done. I am truly and deeply grateful to all the people I have ”met”, all the shared knowledge and all the love that is the foundation of those tribes. I have no idea where it all will take me but I know for sure that I am on my way!



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